Features & Benefits of IMP

Manufacturer of Metal stampings and Assemblies with press capabilities up to 400T

In house Tool & Die Shop Division – Qualified Tool , Design, Build Supply Base

  • Accurate, competitive and responsive turn around time for estimates
  • 40 years of experience in the design for manufacturing and assembly of progressive stamping dies and semi-automated equipment, check fixtures and gages
  • Customer assistance with part design to minimize potential part and material failure modes
  • Quality engineering built in to tool design using DFM and DFA lessons learned
  • Die design takes into consideration quality at the source, using sensors, vision systems, etc., to reduce high PFMEA RPN’s
  • Vertical integration enables lower cost
  • Build scheduling control enabling pull ahead tool timing if necessary
  • Responsive design change action for expedited timing demands
  • Controlled die tryouts on production intent equipment for highest first time through %
  • Mistake proofing built into all die designs to reduce RPN’s on the PFMEA and improve quality
  • Qualified and tightly controlled tooling supply base to ensure timeliness of materials, over-flow machining and die detail work
  • Quick Tooling change over (SMED) methodology applied to all assembly design

Highly Effective Tooling Program Management System

  • Single point program management system from design through production launch for improved communications
  • Daily tool build tracking and reporting through electronic customer program reporting system
  • Gated program management system with built in weekly program status reviews and sponsorship sign offs from design through production launch
  • First Time Through (FTT) production launch system measuring scrap, cycle, tool downtime and part failure mode reporting and counter-measure implementation through 100% FTT
  • Closed loop tooling build and launch lessons learned system utilized to improve design, build and systemic issues found during launch

Internal Tooling Maintenance & Repair Facility & Systems

  • Predictive maintenance system in place for preventative die repair, resulting in lower unplanned downtime
  • Immediate escalation system for immediate die repair in the event of unforeseen die damage, resulting in higher die and machine uptime
  • Laser welding capabilities to ensure micro repairs can be performed and controlled internally

Stamping & Assembly – Prototyping, Staking, Welding (Projection & Robotic), Tubular Riveting, Orbital Riveting, Design & Engineering, Poke Yoke, Special Machine Build, Rotary Dial, Control Panels

Special Machine Build and Integration Automation Division

  • 25 years experience in designing and building specialized machines, assembly, welding, staking, riveting, inspection, error proofing, assembly fixtures
  • Fully integrated design and build of validated manufacturing cells connecting automated assembly to stamping processes
  • System design focuses on quality control at the source – error-proofing, as well as reduction of direct labor costs for higher quality and improved competitiveness
  • Internal machine, assembly and error proofing equipment designed and built internally, resulting in lower cost and improved timing
  • Lessons learned on machine, assembly and error proofing equipment used to improve the reliability of the assembly cell, thus reducing downtime
  • Control of design and build equates to faster reaction time to customer changes
  • R&D facility enables state of the art electronics, sensoring, software, programming and technology
  • Quick Tooling change over (SMED) methodology applied to all assembly design
  • Smart Tooling enables quality to be managed at the source of potential failure, resulting in less down time and higher final product quality

In-house design & engineering

  • Part and die design in 2D & 3D synchronized with customer software
  • 25 years of lessons learned for stamping part, stamping die and assembly equipment / process design
  • Lessons learned using DFM and DFA principles included in every part design FEA (Facilitation)
  • WebEx (Web based design review) for ease of customer design review interface
  • Web based FTT for instant sharing of data

Manufacturing Management Control Systems

Electronic Real Time Tooling maintenance & Preventative Maintenance database

  • Electronic “real-time” key operating indicators monitored and alarmed throughout the manufacturing facility
  • Short reaction time to tooling and equipment issues and implementation of counter-measures resulting in less scrap and less unplanned down time
  • Increased employee awareness and training on the value of key operating indicators tied to their job activities
  • “Real-time” data collection for predictive maintenance and due care of equipment and customer owned tooling
  • Daily, weekly and monthly key operating data sharing between all employees to enable improved data based decision making
  • “Real-time” key operating data enables faster escalation for management involvement equating to shorter lead time for improved operational metrics

Plant wide wireless trouble call system that tracks response times

(quality, maintenance, tool room, material handling, die setter)

Enabling our operators to stay at their machines, requesting assistance via their smart-phones enables immediate reaction time, thus reducing downtime and enabling increased efficiency to meet our customer needs

Human Resources

Skilled Tradesmen

(electrician, tool & die, welding, machining, fabricating)

Our skilled trades have been employed by IMP for an average of 18 years. Their combined lessons learned, training to the latest technology updates and dedication to their key operating objectives, ensure predictive and timely preventive maintenance resulting in a high level of uptime and OEE %.

Employee Tenure, Experience & Knowledge

With over 15 years of average employee tenure, IMP employees have deep familial interest in the company’s success. Their dedication to the company comes with personal pride of quality stamped into every part. Our very high level of employee retention reflects a strong ethical management philosophy, and provides our customers a very knowledgeable well trained workforce that contributes to on time delivery of high quality end products.

Continuous Training / Cross-Training / Retention Chart

Because our average employee tenure is 15 years, most of our employees have been cross trained and qualified for many different positions, enabling consistent work flow and sustained level of work quality. Our technical trainings follows the ISD model – assessment, training, assessment, retraining, etc., to improve retention and training effectiveness.

Quality – IATF-16949 Registered Quality System

  • Layered Process Audits
  • Low Cost of Poor Quality
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • Customer Service Communications
  • Lessons Learned & Continuous Improvement Systems

Inventory Management & Delivery

  • Customer & Supplier Release Management
  • Inventory System Kanban